Ensuring Precision in Manufacturing with Plug Gauges

Created at :   Nov 10 2023

In the intricate world of manufacturing and quality control, the role of precision instruments cannot be overstated. Among these, Ledford Gage takes pride in offering a range of plug gauges designed to uphold the highest standards in dimensional accuracy. Let's delve into the significance and types of plug gauges, shedding light on how they contribute to the quality assurance processes in various industries.

Understanding Plug Gauges:

Plug gauges are instrumental in measuring the diameter or depth of holes, bores, and other internal features within machined components. At Ledford Gage, we recognize the pivotal role these gauges play in ensuring that manufactured parts align seamlessly with specified tolerances.

Types of Plug Gauges:

Plain Plug Gauges:

  • Our plain plug gauges are meticulously crafted cylinders with precisely defined diameters.
  • These gauges serve to evaluate the size and roundness of internal features, providing a clear indication of whether the dimensions meet the required standards.
  • The "go" and "no-go" ends of our plain plug gauges facilitate a straightforward assessment—fitting into the hole signifies compliance, while a lack of fit indicates a deviation from the specified tolerance.

Threaded Plug Gauges:

  • Ledford Gage threaded plug gauges specialize in checking the accuracy of threaded holes, such as those found in nuts or tapped holes in machine parts.
  • Featuring internal threads that match the specifications under scrutiny, these gauges provide a reliable means of ensuring the precision of threaded components.
  • Like their plain counterparts, threaded plug gauges come in "go" and "no-go" varieties, simplifying the assessment process.

Materials and Precision:

Ledford Gage understands that the materials used in the construction of plug gauges are paramount to their efficacy. Our gauges are crafted from high-quality tool steel or carbide, ensuring durability and maintaining accuracy over the long term. Calibration and regular maintenance are integral components of our commitment to delivering instruments that stand the test of time.


In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, precision is not just a goal; it's a requirement. Ledford Gage plug gauges stand as a testament to our dedication to providing reliable instruments that contribute to the quality assurance processes in diverse industries. By offering a comprehensive range of plain and threaded plug gauges, we empower manufacturers to uphold the highest standards of accuracy, ensuring that every component meets the specified tolerances with confidence.