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Dimensional Calibration Lab

Metric Gage Block Sets from Ledford Gage

Metric Gage Block Sets from Ledford Gage-img

Engineered with utmost precision, our gage block sets are indispensable instruments for industries requiring exact measurements and calibration.


Crafted from top-grade materials like steel, carbide, or ceramics, our gauge blocks exhibit exceptional accuracy and durability. Each block undergoes rigorous calibration processes to ensure adherence to stringent standards, guaranteeing reliable performance in various applications.


Our metric gauge block sets feature a comprehensive range of sizes, meticulously marked with metric units such as millimeters or micrometers. Whether it's calibrating instruments, setting up machinery, or conducting precise measurements, Ledford Gage metric gauge block sets provide the precision and reliability you need.


Trust Ledford Gage for your metrology needs, and experience the difference precision makes in your operations.


Dimensional Air Gauges from Ledford Gage

Dimensional Air Gauges from Ledford Gage-img

Dimensional air gauges are advanced measurement tools utilized for accurately determining dimensional attributes like diameter, thickness, concentricity, and roundness of parts. Unlike traditional mechanical gauges, they operate through a non-contact method employing compressed air. These gauges incorporate components such as sensing elements, air supplies, and control units, with the sensing element often featuring nozzles or jets emitting controlled streams of air onto the part's surface. By measuring variations in airflow or back pressure resulting from the interaction with the part's surface, dimensional characteristics are determined swiftly and precisely. This non-contact approach offers notable advantages, including the ability to measure delicate or complex parts without causing damage, making them highly suitable for industries like automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and medical device production where precise measurements are paramount. With their capability to provide fast and accurate measurements, particularly for intricate geometries or challenging-to-reach features, dimensional air gauges are indispensable tools for maintaining quality standards and optimizing manufacturing processes across a range of industries.