Get To Know the Dimensional Air Gage

Created at :   Dec 11 2022

A dimensional air gage is a precision measuring device that measures the distance between two or more points in three-dimensional space. It is used to measure parts for accuracy and repeatability and can be used in the manufacturing process to ensure quality control. Dimensional air gages are commonly found in tool rooms, machine shops, and aerospace applications. 

These air gages work on the principle of Bernoulli’s law, which states that when a fluid such as air moves over an object, it experiences a decrease in pressure equal to twice the velocity of the fluid squared. The decrease in pressure creates a vacuum effect around the object being measured (the workpiece). This vacuum causes a probe connected to an electronic amplifier to move closer or further away from the workpiece, creating a measurement. 

Stable Environment

In order to accurately measure parts with a dimensional type of air gage, it is important to have a stable environment. If the air pressure changes (such as due to temperature fluctuations), it can affect the accuracy of the measurement. Additionally, any vibration in the area where the gage is being used can also alter readings. To ensure accuracy, manufacturers often use noise-isolating mounts and dampening materials on machines that are close to where measurements are being taken. 

The gages come in many shapes and sizes, including handheld models for small components and large stationary units for larger pieces that require higher precision measurements. They are typically made from stainless steel or other metal alloys and feature a variety of probes for measuring different features. Many also come equipped with a digital readout that displays the exact measurement taken. 

Dimensional air gages are an essential tool in any precision manufacturing process, providing reliable measurements of parts to ensure quality control. They, again, are used in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical device manufacturing, and more to verify the accuracy of components before they move on to the next stage of production. By using this type of gage, manufacturers can rest assured that their products conform to exact specifications every time. Contact Ledford Gage today for more information.