How Does Gage Calibration Work?

Created at :   Sep 21 2022

Gage calibration is the process of checking and adjusting gages to ensure they are reading accurately. This is important because gages are often used to measure critical dimensions on parts and products. If a gage is not calibrated properly, it could lead to incorrect measurements, which could cause quality problems down the line. 

There are a few different ways to calibrate gages. One method is to use master gages, which are themselves calibrated to a known standard. Another method is to use comparison gaging, where the gage being checked is compared to another one that is already known to be accurate. Finally, some gages can be calibrated using special software or equipment. 

The Tolerance of the Measurements Being Taken

Whatever method is used, it's important to make sure that gages are calibrated regularly. How often they need to be checked will depend on how often they're used, and the tolerance of the measurements being taken. In general, gages should be calibrated at least once per year. 

Calibrating gages is an important part of quality control. By making sure gages are accurate, you can help ensure that your products meet the highest standards of quality. Here are a few excellent calibration of gages tips worth reviewing:

1. Check gages regularly

2. Keep gage records up to date

3. Use the right gage for the job

4. Calibrate gages regularly

5. Follow proper gage cleaning procedures

6. Store gages properly

7. Use gage blocking devices when needed

8. Inspect gages for damage regularly

9. Use gage certification services when needed

10. Follow manufacturers' gage care and use instructions

Quality and Affordability 

The calibration of gauges must be carefully and accurately performed to ensure the highest level of precision. Choosing the right company to do this type of work can make all the difference. One company that shines above the rest in terms of overall quality and affordable pricing when it comes to this type of work is Ledford Gage. Contact the company today to learn more.