Learn All About Gage Calibration

Created at :   Aug 21 2022

Gage calibration is the process of verifying the accuracy of a measuring device, such as a gage or another type of measurement tool. This process typically involves comparisons to known standards, which are themselves calibrated. Gage calibration helps to ensure that measurements are accurate and that results can be reproducible. There are many different types of gages and measurement tools, each with its own specific calibration requirements. However, in general, gage calibration involves four steps: preparation, inspection, adjustment (if necessary), and documentation. 

Helps To Identify Any Errors in The Gage's Readings

Each of these steps is important in ensuring accurate measurements. Preparation includes cleaning the gage and setting it up according to the manufacturer's instructions. The gage should be in good working condition before calibration begins. Inspection involves comparing the gage to a known standard. This step helps to identify any errors in the gage's readings. Adjustment (if necessary) is the process of correcting any errors that were found during the inspection step. Not all gages need to be adjusted; sometimes, simply replacing the gage is sufficient.  Documentation is important to keep track of the gage's calibration history. 

Calibration of Dimensional Test and Measurement Related Equipment

This information can be used to trend the gage's performance over time and to make decisions about when the gage needs to be recalibrated.  Gage calibration is an important part of ensuring accurate measurements. By following these steps, you can help to ensure that your gage is providing accurate readings. Ledford Gage Lab is a premier source for the absolute best and dimensional calibration labs that focus specifically on the sale and calibration of dimensional test and measurement related equipment. Years of experience and a dedication to high quality customer service lets you know you had made the right choice when it comes to a dimensional lab. To learn more simply visit online or call today.