Learn More About the Alameda Thread Gage

Created at :   Jun 10 2022

An alameda thread gage is a tool that is used to measure the pitch diameter of a screw thread. It is used when manufacturing screws and other threaded fasteners and is also sometimes used in quality control to ensure that the correct size threads are being used. The alameda thread gage consists of two parts: a gauge body with a central bore, and a plug with a pointed end. The central bore of the gauge body is slightly larger than the pitch diameter of the screw thread being measured. To use the alameda thread gage, the plug is inserted into the bore of the gauge body until it just contacts the root of the screw thread. 

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The point of contact is then marked on the plug, and the distance from this point to the end of the plug is measured. This distance is then compared to a standard alameda thread gage chart to determine the pitch diameter of the screw thread. Choosing to work with the right company can make all the difference when it comes to this type of detailed, accurate and precise work. For example, one company that has stood the test of time when it comes to quality work at fair and reasonable prices is Ledford Gage Lab.

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