Measurement Excellence: Ledford Gage and Deltronic Plug Gages

Created at :   Dec 07 2023

In the world of precision manufacturing and quality control, the accuracy of measurements plays a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and reliability of finished products. Among the leading providers of high-precision measuring instruments, Ledford Gage stands out as a trusted name, offering a range of precision tools, with a spotlight on Deltronic plug gages.

Deltronic Plug Gages Overview:

Deltronic plug gages are specialized instruments designed for the meticulous measurement of cylindrical holes or bores. Ledford Gage proudly carries and supplies these precision tools, known for their exceptional accuracy and reliability in a variety of industrial applications.

Cylindrical Design and Tapered Ends:

One notable feature of Deltronic plug gages is their cylindrical design, which facilitates seamless insertion into measured holes. The tapered ends of these gages enhance ease of use, ensuring proper alignment during the measuring process.

Precision Ground for Accuracy:

Ledford Gage, as the provider of Deltronic plug gages, emphasizes the precision-ground nature of these instruments. Deltronic plug gages are crafted with meticulous attention to tight tolerances, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements with every use.

Materials and Durability:

To guarantee longevity and resistance to wear, Deltronic plug gages available through Ledford Gage are typically constructed from high-quality materials such as tool steel or carbide. This commitment to durability ensures that these instruments withstand the rigors of industrial applications.

Versatility in Size Range:

Ledford Gage offers a comprehensive selection of Deltronic plug gages in various sizes, catering to diverse industrial requirements. This versatility allows manufacturers to choose the right tool for their specific applications, promoting efficiency and precision in the manufacturing process.

Applications Across Industries:

Deltronic plug gages find applications in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, machining, and manufacturing. Ledford Gage recognizes the critical role these instruments play in quality control processes, where precise measurements of hole diameters are essential for meeting specifications and ensuring the overall quality of the final products.

Metric and Inch Sizes for Global Applicability:

Acknowledging the global nature of manufacturing, Ledford Gage provides Deltronic plug gages in both metric and inch sizes. This flexibility enables compatibility with different measurement systems, ensuring that these precision tools can be seamlessly integrated into various manufacturing processes worldwide.


Ledford Gage's commitment to excellence in precision measurement is exemplified by its provision of Deltronic plug gages. These instruments, renowned for their accuracy, durability, and versatility, empower industries to uphold the highest standards in quality control. As a trusted provider, Ledford Gage continues to contribute to the success of manufacturers by delivering reliable and precise measuring solutions.