Precision Metric Gauge Block Sets: Elevating Your Measurements

Created at :   Dec 14 2023

In the realm of precision measurement, Ledford Gage proudly presents its exceptional product line—the Precision Metric Gauge Block Sets. Designed to meet the stringent demands of modern manufacturing and metrology, Ledford Gage brings you a versatile and reliable solution for achieving unparalleled accuracy in your measurements.

Key Features and Benefits:

Unrivaled Precision:

Ledford Gage's Metric Gauge Block Sets are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each block's dimensions adhere to strict tolerances. This commitment to precision allows users to make highly accurate measurements, instilling confidence in the reliability of their data.

Calibration Excellence:

When it comes to calibration, Ledford Gage sets the standard. Our gauge blocks serve as the ideal reference standard for calibrating a range of measuring instruments, including micrometers, calipers, and height gauges. This capability ensures that your tools are finely tuned to deliver precise results.

Efficient Tool Setting:

Streamline your machining processes with Ledford Gage's Metric Gauge Blocks. These blocks play a crucial role in tool setting, enabling users to establish the exact height of cutting tools with ease. The result? Increased efficiency and accuracy in your machining operations.

Interchangeability for Flexibility:

Ledford Gage understands the importance of adaptability in measurement tasks. Our gauge blocks are designed for easy stacking and interchangeability, allowing users to create a myriad of length combinations effortlessly. This flexibility empowers users to handle diverse measurement challenges with confidence.

Wringing Technology:

Experience the stability and convenience of our wringing technology. Ledford Gage's gauge blocks can be securely connected using their flat surfaces, eliminating the need for external supports during measurements. This innovative feature enhances the overall usability of our gauge block sets.

Premium Materials and Coating:

Quality is at the forefront of Ledford Gage's product design. Our Metric Gauge Blocks are constructed from high-quality steel or carbide, ensuring durability and longevity. Additionally, select sets come with advanced surface coatings such as carbide or ceramic, enhancing wear resistance and protecting against corrosion.

Metric System Excellence:

Tailored to the metric system, Ledford Gage's Metric Gauge Block Sets provide a seamless solution for those working with metric units. The blocks are meticulously calibrated in millimeters, offering a precise and reliable option for metric measurements.


Ledford Gage's Precision Metric Gauge Block Sets stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence in precision measurement. Elevate the accuracy of your measurements, enhance the efficiency of your processes, and trust in the reliability of Ledford Gage to meet the demanding standards of your industry. Choose precision, choose Ledford Gage.