The Alameda Thread Gage

Created at :   Dec 11 2022

The Alameda Thread Gage is a precision thread measuring instrument used to accurately measure the pitch diameter of external threads, internal threads, and bolt circles. It is an essential tool for quality control in many industries, especially those that require high tolerance or accuracy when manufacturing threaded parts. The gage is primarily used for assessing the accuracy of manufactured threads, ensuring that products meet customer specifications and requirements.

Measured Pitch Diameter

The Alameda Thread Gage consists of two components: a base with a graduated scale and an adjustable arm called the “standard” which contains calibrated rollers. The rollers are adjusted so that when they touch both sides of a thread at the same time their combined diameter equals the measured pitch diameter of the thread being inspected. This diameter is then read from the graduated scale on the base.

Either Extruded or Cut Threads

This unique gage is used to check threads for various measurements such as pitch diameter, functional thread depth, major and minor diameter, and taper. It can also be used to measure multiple threads in a single component, such as a nut with an internal and external thread. The gage is typically used to inspect components manufactured from metals or plastics that contain either extruded or cut threads.

Accurate Means of Measuring Threaded Parts

The Alameda thread gage offers manufacturers an accurate means of measuring threaded parts to ensure their products meet customer requirements and specifications. This reliable tool provides consistent results when inspecting threaded components of any size or material type, helping manufacturers save time and money in the production process by ensuring product quality. Additionally, its simple design and easy-to-use features make it a popular choice for many quality assurance professionals. 

Simple Design and User-Friendly

Overall, the Alameda Thread Gage is an essential tool for any manufacturer that needs to maintain high thread accuracy in their production process. Its accurate measurements and reliable results ensure that products meet customer specifications, helping manufacturers save time and money while ensuring product quality. With its simple design and user-friendly features, it is a great addition to any manufacturing facility. To find out more simply contact Ledford Gage today.