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Ledford Gage offers a wide selection of high-quality carbide probes from Carbide Probes. These products are designed to meet the most exacting standards for precision measurement, with a focus on accuracy and repeatability. The range includes contact point sensing, noncontact sensing and surface scanning systems, as well as manual or motorized probe heads and scanning systems. These solutions are available in a variety of materials, including tungsten carbide and stainless steel, to ensure maximum performance and reliability. They can be used for a wide range of applications, such as CNC machine tools, 3D scanning, metrology and reverse engineering. Carbide Probes' products provide reliable solutions for the highest quality measurements, ensuring accuracy and repeatability in the toughest industrial and research environments. Ledford Gage is proud to be a trusted partner of Carbide Probes in providing the best quality carbide probes for all your measurement needs.