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Specific Products

Precision Tools Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Precision Tools, Micro-Hite Height Gages, Standard Indicators, Bore Gages
Fred V. Fowler Co. Precision Tools, Digital Bore Gages, Trimos Height Gages
L.S Starrett Co. Precision Tools,Vision Measuring Systems, Optical Comparators, Surface Plates, Webber Gage Blocks, Special Gages
Mitutoyo Precision Tools
Scherr Tumico Precision Hand Tools
Swiss Precision Inst. Precision Tools, Shop Equipment
Thread & Cylindrical Gages Alameda Thread Gages
Deltronic Plug Gages, Optical Comparators
Glastonbury Southern Gage Thread Gages, Plug Gages, Ring Gages
Hemco Thread Gages - Chrome
Meyer Pin Gages
PMC Mercury Thread Gages
Van Keuren Plug Gages, Ring Gages (XXX)
Vermont Gage Pin Gages, Plug Gages, Ring Gages
Indicators Chicago Dial Indicators AGD Indicators (Dial & Digital)
Compac Test Indicators
Dorsey Gage Indicators, Dimensional Measurement Products
Dyer Bore and Groove Gages
Interapid Test Indicators
Torque & Force Ametek/Chatillon Force Gages & Test Stands
Consolidated Devices Torque Products
Imada Force Gages & Test Stands
Tohnichi-America Torque Products
Other Products and Vendors Carbide Probes Inc CMM Replacement Styli,Custom Built Contact Points ,tungsten carbide and Ruby Probes
Rice Lake Weighing Sys. Weights and Scales
Suburban Tool Angle Blocks, Straight Edges, Parrallels and other Inspection Equipment
United Testing Hardness Testers
Visual Precision Optical Comparator Overlay Charts
Waldmann Industrial Lighting

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